Fatboy Slim # Essential Mix

Fatboy Slim old-school mix form Electronic Proms 2006 Festival.



Des Lynam – 'Rokafeller Skank' Ballistic Brothers – 'Perfect Day' Deaf Micks – 'Throwdown' Bozo Meeko featuring the amazing sideshow Bob and those amazing Bongo Beats – 'Is It Indare?' King Bee – 'Back By Dope Demand' Superstar Deejays – 'Unknown' Bitch – 'That Hip Hop Track' Wildchild – 'Renegade Master (Fatboy Slim Old Skool Mix)' Deeds Plus Thoughts – 'The Whole World's Made Up Of This & That (Fatboy Slim Remix)' Freestylers – 'Breaks Beats' Bassbin Twins + 1 – 'Unknown' Kenickie vs Mint Gun Club – 'Unkniown' Josh Wink vs Public Enemy – 'Higher State Of Public Enemy' Alex Gopher – 'Party Accapella' Sagat – 'Luvstuff' K.U.N.G – 'Jammin Unit' Fatboy Slim – 'Going Out Of My Head' Fatboy Slim vs Eminem – 'Slim Tomatoes' Natural Born Chillers – 'Rock The Funky Beat' Fatbiy Slim vs The Automatic 'Monster' Fatboy Slim – 'Rockafeller Skank (Remix)' (Skint)

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