Westbam # Mayday # 1999

Westbam devastaiting live mix from Mayday 1999.


01.L.U.P.O. - People (Technoelectro Mix) 02.Semblance Factor - Autofreak (Selway Mix) 03.Members Of Mayday - MOM 04.? 05.DJ I.C.O.N. - Voco Me (Club Mix) 06.K-Paul - If You Know What I Mean (Club Mix) 07.? 08.Sharpside - Space Cruising 09.The Chemical Brothers - Under The Influence [White] 10.? 11.Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400 [Drehscheibe] 12.Members Of Mayday - Soundtropolis [Low Spirit] 13.Dove Beat - La Paloma (Power Dove Remix) 14.Dave The Hustler, Evil C - Rewind 15.WestBam - Hanging Out With The Machine Heads [Low Spirit] 16.Mr. X & Mr. Y - New World Order (Dr. Rhythm's Trance Hop Mix) [Electric Kingdom] 17.? 18.WestBam - Beatbox Rocker [Electric Kingdom] 19.Mr. Oizo - Flat Beat [PIAS]

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